A cooperation agreement was signed between Qazvin Science and Technology Park and Jahad Daneshgahi

Services offered to technology units by Qazvin Science and Technology Park increase.

According to the public relation and international affairs department of QSTP, technology units, entrepreneurs, and elites of Qazvin require different services. In this regard, with the presence of the Presidents of Qazvin Science and Technology Park and Jahad Daneshgahi, a cooperation agreement was signed.

Media interactions, providing short-term specialized training courses, benefit of QSTP companies from the health services provided by Jahad Danshgahi’s medical centers, and cooperation in web design and manahement, are some of the areas of cooperation signed in this agreement.

Also, joint research collaboration and providing research needs of each party with the related capabilities on the other side is one of the other provisions of the agreement, which can benefit the needs of elites and technology units.

Scientific collaboration in knowledge-based economic plans and commercialization of knowledge and technology, cooperation in recruiting technology graduates for military service, providing scientific and technical services based on the needs of each party, and referring innovative ideas from Jahad Daneshgahi to Qazvin Science and Technology Park are other fields of cooperation agreed.

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