Qazvin’s Idea generators are appreciated in a ceremony held at Qazvin Science and Technology Park

According to the public relation and international affairs department of QSTP, a ceremony was held in Shahid Rajaei conference hall in appreciation of top ideas participating in two notable events held in recent months in Qazvin, Environmental Acceleration and Top Ideas festivals.

Alireza Fereydouni, head of Technology Units Incubator Center, introduced Qazvin Science and Technology Park and emphasized its mission to support entrepreneurs and transform ideas into wealth. He also stated: Documenting ideas and commercialization of innovative projects is strongly encouraged by the QSTP Center for Inclusive Growth and is widely supported by the experts and councilors present at QSTP.

In part of this meeting, Dr. Moshiri and Mr. Porghanad, on behalf of the managers of successful technology units present in QSTP, gave separate statements regarding the qualities and principles that are needed to succeed in implementing good ideas.

It is notable to say that the Environmental Acceleration event (Qazvin Environment Startup Weekend) was conducted with the assistance of Qazvin Science and Technology Park and Imam Khomeini International University, and the Top Ideas festival was held on the occasion of Research Week in QSTP.


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